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"I almost skipped to the car...I was actually pain free for the first time in 6 days....Thank know what your are doing, you're a true healer."

-Luba P

"Suzanne has both great skill as well as empathy for her clients. She is a very good listener, able to adjust her treatment so that I receive maximum benefit from each visit. She is knowledgeable and professional and has created a setting for her work that is very relaxing. I experience a sense of well-being and inner peace during my session that for me is truly amazing. I highly recommend Suzanne to anyone considering acupuncture. With gratitude to Suzanne and Standing Cedars Acupucnture Clinic"

-Ron N.

"I have been to see an acupuncturist before and I remember it being a very clinical/ transactional experience, place a few needles and leave.  My experience with Suzanne has been very different, a true healing gift.  Suzanne creates a beautiful, calming environment and provides a treatment that sooths and heals the body, mind and soul…I have felt cloaked in caring, with the treatment focused on me, tailored to the moment and my needs.  She draws on various techniques, carried out competently and effectively with gentle hands.  A treatment with Suzanne is a genuinely honouring experience, with deep relaxation being a consistent end to each of the experiences I have had with her.  I highly recommend Suzanne to anyone interested in or exploring acupuncture treatments."

-Janeen K

"Have to admit, I was a little sceptical the first time I made an appointment. Now I am amazed by the results every time I go. Beautiful setting. Thanks Suzanne."

-Big Mike



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