According to Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, our vital energy or Qi (pronounced chi) flows throughout our bodies along energetic pathways called meridians. When blockages or imbalances occur within these meridians, symptoms of illness or disease develop. To free the blockages and reestablish balance, a select group of acupuncture points are chosen based on each individual’s personalized diagnosis. Micro-thin disposable needles are then painlessly inserted into these points, allowing the blockages to clear and harmony and balance to return. Treatments may also include cupping, gua sha, massage or moxibustion, depending on the patient’s needs or requests. 

Treatment Modalities


Micro-thin single use disposable needles are inserted into selected acupuncture points allowing your body to heal. Essentialy allowing your nervous system to return to a state of balance.



A dried form of the herb Mugwort is used as a warming affect similar to that of an infra red lamp.  Deeply warming the body.



Sterile glass cups are placed over selected parts of the body, creating a suction resulting in an affect similar to a deep massage. Lactic acid is released in the muscles, blood circulation increases and sore tense muscles relax.

Essential Oils

Using only the highest quality essential oils and how they relate to Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis and theories. Specifically 

formulating blends to support and treat individual conditions. 

Gua Sha

An ancient techinique traditionaly using a Jade tool that is rubbed over the soft tissue parts of the body, most commonly the upperback and shoulder region. The rubbing technique increases blood circulation in tight areas, releasing and opening up the meridians.


Nutritional Counselling

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, foods have energetic role in our body systems. Some foods have a hot characteristic, where others may be drying, pungent, damp, cold and so on. Dietery advise may be provided to help strenghthen the body.


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